John Smallwood

John Smallwood

John D. Smallwood

PADI Master Instructor & EFR Instructor Trainer  
# 638456

List of Qualifications

John D. Smallwood MSDT#638456

Diving Background

Since learning to dive in 1994 in Cyprus and achieving his first diving qualification as a NAUI Scuba Diver John has now logged over two thousand dives both in the UK and overseas, during this time he has gained extra skills which have enhanced his diving abilities and enjoyment.

Even before gaining his first PADI professional qualifications in 2005 John showed great delight in helping new divers progress and to achieve their goals, in short he is a true dive professional with a true passion for diving.

John is a PADI Master Instructor, PADI EFR Instructor Trainer, PADI Tec Rec Gas Blender Instructor and a BSAC Dive Leader.

John has never lost the passion for scuba diving and he still loves today to pass on his enthusiasm and love he has for the sport.

When he is not teaching John enjoys pleasure diving around the UK waters and also going on diving holidays abroad on both Liveaboards and Land Base trips.

John is an avid underwater digital photographer, to see some of his work go to the Photo Gallery and view his collection.

Current Diving Favourites

Dive Site Abroad

The Brothers Islands - Egypt



Dive Site UK

Wreck of The Helliopes - Cornwall


Oceanic FDX10 EOS Regulator

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