Underwater Navigation Diver

Are you fed up of blindly following the dive guide like a complete newbie, do you and your buddy want to take more responsibility for your dives, start doing more independent dives, want to get more out of club trips then this is a course for you!

Underwater navigation is another of those essential skills you should master as a diver, as it so easy to get lost and disorientated underwater, which can easily spoil your dive.

Various factors like

  • poor visibility
  • untraceable sounds and currents
  • no maps
  • uneven, irregular random and unpredictable features

Together with other task loading activities such as keeping an eye on your depth and dive time, knowing where your buddy is can, when all added together play a large part in helping you to get disoriented during a dive.

Don’t let this affect you! Use the skills and techniques taught during the PADI Underwater Navigation course to take back control of your dives, so you can start enjoying them again.

Like all diving skills it is important to learn how to do them properly first in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a qualified PADI dive professional. So no matter what type of diving you enjoy the navigation skills covered in this course will help you to enhance your diving, gaining extra confidence, and increasing your enjoyment.

The PADI Underwater Navigation Specialty course builds on the basic navigation skills taught during both your PADI Open Water Diver and the compulsory navigation dive of your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course. Giving you essential skills to improve your own leisure diving or use in the future if you decide to progress further and start working your way to qualifying as PADI Professional (Divemaster, Assistant Instructor or Instructor).

Underwater Navigator Crewpack

Underwater Navigator Crewpack

During PADI Underwater Navigation course you will learn and most importantly practice all the tricks of the trade

  • Planning
  • Navigation methods
  • Using natural clues
  • Compass
  • Estimating distances
  • Map making
  • Taking bearings
  • Follow navigation patterns
  • Equipment use
  • Contingency planning

This course is usually run over three dives, the first dive of which is covered as a compulsory dive in the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course, so this month as a special offer for qualified Advanced Open Water Divers, we are running this Specialty course as Dream Divers Specialty of the month at a special club members rate of £90, which includes a manual, classroom session, two open water dives and PADI Certification.

Interested? Please contact the dive centre ASAP to reserve your place on this course.

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