Get the picture with this month's specialty of the month PADI Underwater Digital Photographer

This month’s PADI Specialty of the month is Underwater Digital Photographer.

Camera at the ready

Camera at the ready

The advent of high specification, low priced compact digital camera, with purposed designed underwater housings (often manufactured by the camera manufactures themselves), has total revolutionised underwater photography in the last few years, bringing it within the reach of all divers. This is a total sea change to the elitist nature of underwater photography when film cameras ruled the roost, with the high cost of underwater housings and the limited number of exposures available during a dive, coupled with the requirement to have the film processed after the dive. If you were lucky you managed to have one half decent shot out of thirty six exposures.

Anemonefish Thailand

Anemonefish Thailand

Now days this has totally changed with digital underwater photography, as you now have the ability to take many more photographs during a dive, and you know instantly whether a shot has worked as you can set most camera to display a quick preview of the photograph you have just taken, allowing you the opportunity to retake the shot, if your subject hasn’t swam away.

As a diver you can sometimes be frustrated, when explaining to non-diving friends and colleagues, the often fantastic world in which you have the opportunity to observe and interact with, whilst you are diving. As a PADI Digital Underwater Photographer you can overcome this problem by showing them some of your best images, you have created during your dives.

Box Fish Thailand

Box Fish Thailand

As an underwater photographer, it is important to remember that you are a diver first and foremost and a photographer second, forgetting this important rule, could put yourself and other divers into a dangerous situation which could be total avoided by following basic diving good practice. You need to be totally aware of your environment, the location of your buddy, your depth and remaining air pressure in your cylinder. Also you should be in full control of your buoyancy so you don’t cause damage to yourself or the environment whose beauty you are trying to capture with your digital camera.

This specialty course covers all the important factors and skills you need to use to start consistently take stunning photographs as a record of your diving adventures, which you will treasure for many years to come. No matter how good your photography is on land, you will learn  important techniques to improve your underwater photography skills so your underwater photographs start to live up to the high standard you set yourself  whilst taking photographs on land.

Once you have successfully passed this PADI Specialty course, why not continue to show your commitment and belief in helping to preserve the aquatic environment by opting for the Project Aware version of your certification card.

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  1. Janice says:

    That was a very wonderful shoots! You made me wanna go get dive into water just to see that beautiful corals under water.

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