Emergency Oxygen Provider

This month Dream Divers are again departing from the PADI Specialty of the month, which is Drift Diver, for the same reasons as last month, We will be running this course later on this year, so contact the dive centre today to register your interest.

So this month’s Dream Divers Specialty of the Month will be the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider (O2 Provider) course. Which will provide you with the essential knowledge, on recognising and providing emergency treatment for diving illnesses that are treatable with the application of emergency oxygen.

Inspecting oxygen mask on Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

Inspecting oxygen mask on Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

This course is essential for any diver who wants to become a PADI dive professional, and it is also highly recommended for all divers and those who are regularly around divers. The course teaches important skills, which could make the difference between life and death for a fellow diver, these include:

  • How to recognise diving illness treatable with emergency oxygen.
  • Equipment Set Up
  • Administering emergency oxygen

It builds upon and reinforces the knowledge covered in both the EFR (Primary and Secondary Care) and Rescue divers courses, proving more in depth training  on how to correctly assess the situation, and provide often life saving emergency treatment, whilst the emergency services arrive, which due to the nature of diving, could be sometime in remote diving locations.

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