Four new DSMB Speciality Divers

New DSMB Divers: Tony, Dom, Lynn, and Tegan at capernwray

New DSMB Divers: Tony, Dom, Lynn, and Tegan qualified at Capernwray

Tony, Dom, Lynn & Tegan are now PADI DSMB Specialty Divers!

Well done to you all

John & the rest of the team.

Join Tony, Dom, Lynn and Tegan and Learn some new diving skills.

Check out these suggestions for your next PADI specialty course

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Buoyancy, the skill that makes a good diver into a great diver.

It is the skill that enables you to be where you want to be in the underwater realm. You can float over reef systems, take photographs and not leave any signs that you were there, that is the way it should be for all divers.

Night Diver

As the sun sets you put on your mask and descend into the underwater world at night. Although you have been on this dive many times before it looks a totally different place.

The adventure of night diving can be yours when you complete the PADI Night Diver Specialty.

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