PADI Tec Rec Gas Blender Instructor

John Smallwood

John Smallwood

Dream Diver’s John Smallwood, during his month long diving sabbatical in Egypt, has recently added PADI Tec Rec Gas Blender Instructor, to his list of professional diving qualifications, along with a whole  collection of PADI Speciality Instructors certifications including:-

  • PADI Drift Diver
  • PADI Boat Diver
  • PADI DSMB Diver
  • PADI Equipment Specialist
  • PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diver
  • PADI Fish Identification

So watch this space for details of some new and exciting courses we will be offering to our students, customers and dive club members, which will help to develop your diving education and experience.

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