Privacy Policy

The Dream Divers Privacy policy

  1. Any information collected by this website will only be used in the following ways:-
    1. Provide an occasional email newsletter informing you of special offers and new additions to the content of this website.
    2. To enable us to deliver the orders you place to your address.
    3. To provide you with the requested online service.
    4. To enable you to download the requested; data file, document, e–book etc…
    5. General Accounting and Marketing Purposes.
  2. We will not pass any personally identifiable information on to third parties, without your explicit consent.
  3. To protect you no financial Details are stored on our server. All such data is securely stored on the server of our payment gateway partners and as such we do not have access to any data other than the transaction amount, data, and customer id (which may include such data as your name, and address details along with contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses.
  4. Session Cookies: The use of session cookies does need to be enabled, in order for your browser to correctly identify itself with our server (using a special cookie containing only the session id number), if this special cookie is blocked then all the facilities, and any functions of this site may not work as intended.
  5. Any Cookies used will be session only (this means that they will be removed from your computer at the end of your visit to our website) with exception of all items covered in section 6.
  6. Persistent (non-session) cookies may be used on the website to enhance your browsing experience during your visit to our website.

    Contrary to popular misconception the presence of these cookies on your computer is perfectly safe.

    However if you wish to set your Browser preferences to Block this type of cookie, you will still be able to enjoy this website and the features provided to its full extent, however certain value added features will not be available. e.g. remembering your password to automatically log in to pages which require the visitor to login.

    The data stored in these cookies will contain no personally identifiable data.

    Persistent Cookies will be used in the following ways:-

    1. Anonymous Tracking Cookies —
      In order to properly access our marketing and advertising strategies, tracking cookies (either third party (e.g. Google Adwords) or originating on our domain) may be used from time to time. Any information collected, stored or used with these cookies will be completely anonymous, containing no personally identifiable data.

      Your enjoyment and use of our website will not be compromised in any way if you set your browser preferences (or use third party software programs) to block these cookies.

    2. Service Enhancement Cookies —
      These cookies will be used to provide service enhancements like automatically remembering your password and logging you in automatically when visiting password protect pages.

      The use of these cookies will not be activated unless you explicitly request them to be, usually by clicking on link or checking a checkbox in a form which will state; remember me, keep me logged in etc…

    3. Cookie Preferences —
      These anonymous cookies will be used to remember your cookie preferences, in compliance with the current ‘EU Cookie Law’

    Your enjoyment and use of our website will not be compromised, apart from having to login every time you want to visit any password protected pages, and having to remember your password, in any way if you set your browser preferences (or use third party software programs) to block these cookies.

  7. Data Protection Act
    Under the current act, because of the way in which we use and store any personal information (as described above), we currently do not have to be registered. We think your confidence about the information we store is important, so we will comply with the spirit of the act and make available copies of any information we hold about you for a small fee (currently £3) Please make any request by letter clearly stating your name, address and PostCode and email address, and enclosing a Sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank to the value of the fee (£3).
  8. All the information submitted will be kept totally confidential unless officially requested by any reverent law enforcement body.
  9. If it becomes necessary to modify this statement, registered users will be notified by email at least 24 hours before implementation, and unless a request to be removed from the mailing list is received, acceptance of the new statement will automatically implied, Notice will also be posted on the website in a prominent position at least 24 hours before implementation.