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Common Octopus

The Dream Team were at St Abbs for their first visit of the season and enjoyed a full long weekend of diving and socialising.

Boat diving was as usual out of Eyemouth and shore diving at St Abbs. We have not as yet missed a dive on any of our visits thanks to the services of Aquastars.

Just out of the harbour at Hurcars where the diving is sheltered, there is an abundance of life. Two of our divers spotted a large octopus on the reef and managed to get some photographs.

St Abbs Coastal View

We dived the wreck of the President which lies in about 12 metres, the boilers and a few plates lying on the sea floor is all that is left but nevertheless an enjoyable dive.

A dive at Weasel Loch was completed as was a dive on Conger Reef with it’s gullies and crevices, always a good site for crab and lobster spotting.

During the weekend we also dived Fort Point which is an extension of the Conger Reef system and a nice little dive site it is.

A good weekends diving was had and we will be back in September this year.

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