Previous Events – Red Sea

A group of us went to El Quseir in Southern Egypt and we stayed in the Flamenco Beach Resort Hotel.

We dove with Pharaoh Dive Club and on the first day we did local dive sites Kerib Zebir (south), Kerib Zebir (north) & Zerib Soraya on the second day we dove on Fungarni reef, Mangrove Bay & Eutopia, as usual the marine life was fantastic we saw dolphins, large scorpion fish lots of blue spotted sting rays and lots more.

Oceanic White Tip
The real fun began the next day when we visited the world famous reef of Elphinstone, We went by hard boat and did two dives there, It was a real eye opener for some of the divers on the trip because “Yes they were there the Oceanic White Tip Sharks” and lots of them up close and personal, It was a bit of a tester when we had finished the dive in the blue and they took a liking to our D.S.M.B.

Oceanic White Tip Close Up
The next day we went the the Brother Islands by liveaboard which is approximately eight hours boat ride from Hurghada we did seven dives there and had the pleasure of seeing Oceanic White Tips, Black Tip Reef Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Silky Sharks, and Hammer Head Sharks as well as all the other usual marine life.

All in all we had a fantastic trip yet again to Egypt and now there is a lot of people that are looking forward to doing a five day liveaboard trip next year..

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