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Glad tidings V11

Another fantastic weekend was had by all once again at the Farnes, A big thank you to William “The Skipper” for giving us such great dives and lot of seals.

We dove both Saturday and Sunday despite the rain and wind and had visability up to a good 10 to 14 Metres, and for anyone who says that there is nothing to see in England, “Well all i can say you must be diving with the wrong people!”

Seal's The Farne Islands

Saturdays dive sites were The Northern Hares and second The Callers with the wreck of the Britannia, both were teaming with life such as Lobsters, Big Sea Toads, Pollack, Large Edible Crab, Ballan Wrasse, Lions Main Jelly Fish, Dead Mans Fingers, Jewel Anemone, Devonshire Cup Coral, and Pipe Fish.

On Sunday we dove on Knife Stone Wrecks and second Long Stone End, most of us were joined by seals in the water on at least a couple of dives, It was a great opportunity for some of our new club members to spend time with the seals on there first English sea dives.

Play Full Seal The Farnes Islands


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