Farnes – Seahouses

Clare and I arrived in Seahouses on the Friday and booked into our room in the Bamburgh Castle Hotel. There was no network signal on our mobiles, a strange feeling, not being able to contact the outside world haha. We found the rest of Dream Divers, yup you guessed it, in the Ship. For the evening meal we made our way to The Links where one of our members thought the meals looked nice so decided to have a taste, of everyones!

Down at the harbour, kitted up for 9:30am to board Glad Tiding VII, we were off, Stugeron having been taken during breakfast.  Having not done many sea dives before, the variety of sea life and colour on the first dive (long stone end) was, for me, amazing. Crabs, lobster, star fish, butter fish, jellyfish, Pollock, poor cod and lots of coral.  I felt my leg being pulled and looked around to see Alison pointing excitedly at a seal resting on a ledge. WOW!! Made my dive, or so I thought…

Unable to dive the second dive at Crumbstones due to getting soaked, I sat and watched with envy; the others kit up and descend. Thanks to Alan for the loan of his hat and gloves, Clare for trying to spin dry my socks and John for sorting out my leak!

Back to the pub, after getting warmed up and dry again. Clare, John and Dave decided to introduce me to the world of Dominoes, don’t knock it till you’ve tried playing against John and Dave after a few pints, pmsl.

Playful Seal Farne Islands - photo Alan Linford

Playful Seal Farne Islands - photo Alan Linford

Sunday morning, kitted up and ready for 9:00, again making sure I’d taken my Stugeron.  This time the skipper dropped us off at the last of the Farne Islands to the wreck Abyssinia, where we swam through a gully surrounded by plenty of seals and kelp, some great photo opportunities here. We followed a chain that ran through the length of the gully, watching the seals diving in and swimming around us.  The final dive was down to a wreck, called St Andre, we were surrounded by young jellyfish, so had to be constantly aware. Clare and I took it in turns to deploy the SMB under the excellent guidance of Shaun.

Just as I was about to break the surface Shaun and Clare pointed behind me, as I turned there was a seal nipping my fins, the pinnacle of my weekend. As I surfaced the seal popped up alongside me to have a nosey. WOW WOW WOW!!! Really need to invest in a camera. Signalling to the skipper, he manoeuvred the boat to pick us up using the diver lift, (a brilliant device). Once everyone was on board we headed back to the harbour, unloaded and paid our dues. The end to a wonderful weekend.

by Louise

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