DSMB Specialty Course

Knowing how and when to successfully inflate a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) is an essential technique for all divers,who dive in the sea, both in UK waters and abroad .  Whilst an SMB is seemingly a simple piece of equipment, it can take quite a bit of practice to successfully deploy and use in different situations.

Deployed DSMB

Deploying a DSMB

Using a SMB correctly has several benefits such as alerting boat traffic as to your location or allowing the dive boat captain to follow you during a drift dive and pick you and your buddy up promptly! Another advantage is that it will increase your visibility on the surface especially if conditions become challenging upon your return to the surface.

The majority of dive boat skippers operating in the UK are now requesting that you use an SMB so it really goes without saying that this course is a must for anyone wishing to sea dive in United Kingdom waters.

With this in mind as a result of numerous previous requests, we will be running a PADI SMB Specialty Course on Sunday 9th September at Capernwray, the price of this course is £95, including full kit hire and 2 dives.

If you are interested in taking this specialty course, please contact Alison (0787 5945 794) or the dive shop to secure your place.
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