Advanced Open Water Course Feedback October 2010

From: newett neil <***********>
Date: 9 October 2010 08:01:19 GMT+01:00
To: Alison Smallwood <***************.net>
Subject: Re: Well done u
Yo Alison
thanks so much……… had a bit of a moment on the wreck dive, still not sure why!!?
Last dive with John as buddy was amazing, I was sooooo relaxed and I actually spent time
looking around instead of finning like a mad man!! John really inspires confidence, dont
tell him though, his head is big enough!!! lol.
All in all it was a great day, made new mates too what with the Clarke bros (Abbott and Costello),
Mark Abbott (Nobby) and the delightful Denise, who rang me to check I had got home safe, aaah
bless!! Great folk.
Alan and Lesley are just soooo nice and very supportive, I really appreciated them being around,
and I hope to accompany them on many a social dive.
As for Ley (“let me take mi glasses off there’s a camera pointing at me”) lol…… …………
what can I say, soooo knowledgable, supportive, and helpful – good man.
So Alison, looks like I made the right decision when I joined the Dream Divers Club, and I look
forward to many more exciting and enjoyable days and holidays with you all.
See you there —

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