Your Help is Required! Help the MCS Choose the New Marine Conservation Zones

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) working in conjunction with the RSPB, the Wildlife trusts, WWF and other charities under the umbrella group of Wildlife and Countryside Link, campaigning for the introduction of the UK and Scottish Marine Bills, have taken a giant step towards success with the UK Marine and Coastal Access Act becoming law on the 12th November 2009.

The next major step is keeping up the pressure, on the Scottish Parliament to ensure that the Scottish Act becomes law in 2010.

A major part of the UK Marine and Coastal Access Act is to develop an ambitious approach to managing the marine environment, which will include the establishment of Marine Conservation Zones, to protect nationally important habitats and species.

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As scuba divers it is important that we become involved in showing that protecting the marine environment is important, so please visit the MCS Your Seas Your Voice website and vote for your favourite marine sites around the British coast. Currently the website has a short-list of 73 sites to choose from, including many of the dive sites we visit both as dive club and during personal dive trips.


  • St Abbs Head
  • Outer Farnes
  • HMS Scylla & James Egan Layne
  • Hatt Rock, Hand Deeps & Eddystone

So take a few minutes and pop over to the website and let the MCS know your views. If your personal favourite site is not listed, you can nominate it my completing the short “Your voice for the sea survey”.

About the MCS

MCS campaigns for clean seas and beaches, sustainable fisheries, protection of marine life and habitats, and the sensitive use of our marine resources for future generations.

Through education, community involvement and collaboration, MCS raises awareness of the many threats that face our seas and promotes individual, industry and government action to protect the marine environment.  They are involved in conservation projects, not just in the UK, but Worldwide.

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