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I’ve Heard of Project AWARE, What is it?

Project AWARE Offical PartnerAs divers we have first-hand experience of the aquatic environment, and we can see the consequences that arise when the environment and its ecosystems are neglected or damaged.

Whenever possible we try to pass on this passion to anyone who will listen. Naturally becoming advocates for protecting the aquatic world. Because of this natural affinity PADI, created Project AWARE (Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility, and Education) to help emphasise the divers role in helping to preserve the aquatic environment.

As an environmental awareness program focus on the users of the world’s aquatic area, providing them with information about preserving the aquatic environment.  In the United Kingdom Project AWARE (UK), became a registered charity in 1999, with aims to reinforce and expand Project AWARE’s activities and advocacy efforts.

As qualified PADI divers you will know that the Project AWARE philosophy is an important component of all PADI training materials, teaching divers at all levels about their responsibilities to help protect the aquatic world.  In addition PADI and Project AWARE have developed a number of environmentally aware specialty courses such as AWARE Fish Identification, Underwater naturalist, and Coral Reef Conservation to name a few.

Why Are We Getting Involved Now?

As a dive club and PADI dive centre we have always been environmentally aware, trying to promote best practice during all our diving and other activities, together with promoting environmental causes, like our recent coverage of the MCS (Marine Conservation Society) efforts to establish Marine Protection Zones.  We have now realised that is time to take our involvement to the next level and actively promote Project AWARE and its aims, so we have now become a Project AWARE Official Partner.

You can find out more about Project AWARE by visiting

So How Can We Help?

One simple way is to ask for the Project AWARE version of the PADI certification card, when you complete your next PADI course.

We are open to suggestions for other activities and fund raising ideas, that can involve everyone; club members, students, dream divers staff members and their families, as well as the wider community.

One great activity to start with for the younger members of the family is the AWARE Kids Art Contest (closes on 8th November 2010), which is for children aged between 3 and 12 year old, which is aimed at celebrating the 2010 International year of Biodiversity.

Another possibility is to organise something around the Dive for Earth Day which occurs on the 22nd of April each year.

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