Kids Art Contest – Project AWARE

To help celebrate 2010 International year of Biodiversity Project AWARE’s children’s section has launched a worldwide kids art contest titled:

Threatened Underwater Animals: You Can Make a Difference

The Project AWARE Foundation believes conserving threatened aquatic animals is really important for the biodiversity of underwater environments. Why? Losing one species can put a whole ecosystem out of balance.  Lots of ocean animals are already endangered or at risk of extinction so the more we know about the oceans biodiversity the more we can do to protect it.

You can celebrate marine biodiversity by joining the year-long, global art contest for children ages 3 – 12. First, find out about threatened animals that live in the ocean. Think about why they might be threatened, it could be pollution, overfishing or habitat loss.

Please visit the Art Contest Competition page at the Project AWARE Website for Full Details of this competition.

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