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Previous Events


Lamorna Cove

This trip was a combined weekend and full week trip with a good few opting for the full week.

We took the boat out of Falmouth and Porthkerris so we could dive a wide area of this beautiful coastline. The weather was fantastic and so was the diving which included among others The Manacles, the Wreck of The Mohigan and several shore dives that we completed at Lamorna Cove.

Sophie Millar, one of our Junior Open Water divers, did her first sea dives in Lamorna Cove and what a brilliant place to do them.

Lamorna Coastline

Wildlife we spotted included Red Mullet, Giant Spider and Edible Crabs, Lobster, Ballan Wrasse, Dover Sole, Ling , John Dory and Pollock.

A good time was had and we are now looking forward to the trips planned for next year to this wonderful and rewarding dive location.



Andy Hard Hat Diver

A great day out for every one who decided to try out the commercial diving equipment and a simulated dive to 50 metres in the recompression chamber.

The old fashioned Hard Hat diving equipment(see photo at the top of this article) is a challenge to try out as it weighs in total the same as a small person. This is the type of equipment used by navy and commercial divers during the early days of diving.

As usual several people got the giggles in the chamber and provided entertainment for the peple observing. A small technical tip for the ones wishing to log the dives on computers, IT HELPS IF THEY ARE IN THE RECOMPRESSION CHAMBER WITH YOU, you know who you are.

Lunch was provided as part of the deal and we already have several takers for the next trip.

Hard Hat Crew Hard Hat Crew 2



Edible Urchin

While most of England shivered the place to be was in Plymouth with the Dream Team.

The skipper of the good ship Fintan got the team out everyday and some managed to complete 8 dives over the long weekend. Dives on the James Egan Layne and Elk wrecks along with several reefs were completed.

Ballan Wrasse

The usual fishy suspects were present including dogfish, edible crabs, wrasse, pollack and several more species. Some of the planned dives were changed owing to the wind and waves getting up but overall everyone did as many dives as they chose to do, which made for a good diving weekend and a good trip overall.



Common Octopus

The Dream Team were at St Abbs for their first visit of the season and enjoyed a full long weekend of diving and socialising.

Boat diving was as usual out of Eyemouth and shore diving at St Abbs. We have not as yet missed a dive on any of our visits thanks to the services of Aquastars.

Just out of the harbour at Hurcars where the diving is sheltered, there is an abundance of life. Two of our divers spotted a large octopus on the reef and managed to get some photographs.

St Abbs Coastal View

We dived the wreck of the President which lies in about 12 metres, the boilers and a few plates lying on the sea floor is all that is left but nevertheless an enjoyable dive.

A dive at Weasel Loch was completed as was a dive on Conger Reef with it’s gullies and crevices, always a good site for crab and lobster spotting.

During the weekend we also dived Fort Point which is an extension of the Conger Reef system and a nice little dive site it is.

A good weekends diving was had and we will be back in September this year.



We went for our second trip to Plymouth for the year and charted two dive boats, The Venture and The Finton, Both hard boats with diver lifts and very good skippers and hot sausage rolls.

There was a wide range of level of divers on the trip, For some it was the first time in the English Sea, We dove Saturday on the Eddystone Reef and the wreck of the SS James Egan Layne and Sunday the wreck of the HMS Scylla and the Mewstone Ledges, At times we had visibility up to a good 8 to 10 Metres. Ledges, At times we had visibility up to a good 8 to 10 Metres.

Some of the group even managed to see a large resting Anglerfish on the bow section of the HMS Scylla.

All the group had a great time and we are already looking forward to visiting Plymouth next year it is a trip not to be missed.

Cuttle Fish PlymouthConger Eel SS James Eagan Layne


The Farne Islands August 2008

Glad tidings V11

Another fantastic weekend was had by all once again at the Farnes, A big thank you to William “The Skipper” for giving us such great dives and lot of seals.

We dove both Saturday and Sunday despite the rain and wind and had visability up to a good 10 to 14 Metres, and for anyone who says that there is nothing to see in England, “Well all i can say you must be diving with the wrong people!”

Seal's The Farne Islands

Saturdays dive sites were The Northern Hares and second The Callers with the wreck of the Britannia, both were teaming with life such as Lobsters, Big Sea Toads, Pollack, Large Edible Crab, Ballan Wrasse, Lions Main Jelly Fish, Dead Mans Fingers, Jewel Anemone, Devonshire Cup Coral, and Pipe Fish.

On Sunday we dove on Knife Stone Wrecks and second Long Stone End, most of us were joined by seals in the water on at least a couple of dives, It was a great opportunity for some of our new club members to spend time with the seals on there first English sea dives.

Play Full Seal The Farnes Islands



Another fantastic trip had by all who went to St Abbs for our second trip for the year, We did shore dives from the back of the harbour on Friday then Saturday & Sunday we dove with Aquastars Dive Centre out of Eyemouth on both their Rib’s.

We were lucky to have a fine weekend weather wise, Sea state and visibility was great.

There was a group of first time England Sea divers on this trip and i can say they were quite shocked with the amount of Sealife that they saw, and they said that they will be back again soon!

Aquastar Rib 1Rib No.2


A group of us went to El Quseir in Southern Egypt and we stayed in the Flamenco Beach Resort Hotel.

We dove with Pharaoh Dive Club and on the first day we did local dive sites Kerib Zebir (south), Kerib Zebir (north) & Zerib Soraya on the second day we dove on Fungarni reef, Mangrove Bay & Eutopia, as usual the marine life was fantastic we saw dolphins, large scorpion fish lots of blue spotted sting rays and lots more.

The real fun began the next day when we visited the world famous reef of Elphinstone, We went by hard boat and did two dives there, It was a real eye opener for some of the divers on the trip because “Yes they were there the Oceanic White Tip Sharks” and lots of them up close and personal, It was a bit of a tester when we had finished the dive in the blue and they took a liking to our D.S.M.B.

The next day we went the the Brother Islands by liveaboard which is approximately eight hours boat ride from Hurghada we did seven dives there and had the pleasure of seeing Oceanic White Tips, Black Tip Reef Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Silky Sharks, and Hammer Head Sharks as well as all the other usual marine life.

All in all we had a fantastic trip yet again to Egypt and now there is a lot of people that are looking forward to doing a five day liveaboard trip next year..

Oceanic White TipOceanic White Tip Close Up



A group of us went for the night out to Rotherham to celebrate Christmas in fancy dress.

We all met at the High House at about 7.30pm on 20th of December no one was quite sure just how many people would attend.

There was a good turn out and we had a great laugh and a fantastic time we had quite a few beers and then ended the night in the curry house for a meal.

A Night On The Town Some Dream Divers Club Members